By John Stroud and Jen Schellinck

We completely understand and support the enthusiasm that our clients have for getting started on AI.

But how can you be sure if your plan for AI is going to work?

Knowing the answer to this question is a big deal.  Soon enough, using AI is not going to be optional.  By 2025 incorporating AI into your products, services and business processes is going to be table stakes for virtually all businesses.  Those organizations that are not using AI will be left behind.

To get the plan right, you need the right kind of expertise.  Scheduling a consultation with us will get you started down the right path.

Think of it like this.  Imagine that having functioning AI in your organization is just like having a working light bulb.  When the light bulb can light up a room, that means your plan has succeeded.

Here is the problem.

Most people understand that they don’t know which light bulb to buy (which is true).  But it is actually more complicated than that.  They also don’t know what it takes for a light bulb to work.  (And they don’t know they don’t know this).

Here is a typical scenario.

A leader sees a demo at a conference, or video on YouTube about the amazing power of light bulbs (make your team more productive – read at night!).  This is a great start.  An incredible world of possibilities is opened up to the leader and they’re excited to get going on it.

Lacking a technical background, they’re wise enough to know that they don’t have all the skills.  After all, what do they know about picking light bulbs?  Another good decision.

Being proactive, they go out and hire a data scientist who can help them.  This is where things start to go sideways, even if they hire a fabulous one. (To be clear we love data scientists. Jen is one!).

Why?  What goes wrong?

Business leaders and data scientists often don’t always speak the same language.  The data scientist shows up and lacks a way to tell the leader “I can’t really help with these lightbulbs until you do the electrical wiring first.  To make the light work, I need some place to plug it in.”

No wiring, no light.

This is bad.  The leader spent all this time, and effort and resources and they have little to show for it.  They feel like they would have been better doing nothing at all.

Leaders ask themselves, “why didn’t anyone tell me I needed wiring?”

We understand how frustrating that can be.    We know how hard it can be to find independent advice to guide you through this new frontier.

We can help.

We have the business leadership experience and the technical expertise in AI to serve as translators between business goals and technical requirements.

To get your started on the path to transformation, we follow a three-part plan.

  1. Initial Assessment: We’ll find out if an AI project supports your goals. If it doesn’t, we’ll tell you.
  2. Discovery Report: We conduct exhaustive interviews and analysis to scope out where AI can help you the most.
  3. Solutions Report: You’ll get a detailed roadmap for reaching your objectives, and we point you to right kind of talent or vendors.

Interested in learning more?  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation and we’ll discuss how you can get those light bulbs turned on.