How can Data Science help you succeed?

Sysabee has partnered with DAVHILL and Idlewyld consulting to provide a comprehensive list of data focused workshops through the Data Action Lab, including workshops on data science, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In addition to this, Sysabee hosts a wide variety of data-centered presentations and events.

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Presentations and Events

Sysabee is happy to provide topical data science presentations to groups and organizations. As well, Sysabee is proud to sponsor a variety of data-focused events in Ottawa. Sysabee is currently sponsoring ‘Data Is My Jam’ – a meet-up that brings technical and non-technical members of the Ottawa data community together.

Short Courses

Through the Data Action Lab, Sysabee offers a number of both technical and non-technical courses on Data Science topics, in order to quickly get you or your organization up to speed on data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence topics. Short courses are ideal for people seeking to incorporate advanced data practices or carry out data projects within their company, increase their own data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence technical knowledge, or improve their digital literacy.

In-Depth Courses

Sysabee, in conjunction with the Data Action Lab, offers a series of in-depth multi-month courses for those who wish to become data practitioners and data scientists. These courses allow for a gradual ramping up of data expertise, along with recommendations for further study and useful supplemental material. Group and organizational discounts are available – please contact Sysabee for more details and see the Data Action Lab Course Calendar for more information on upcoming courses.


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