How can Data Science help your organization?

The world of data-driven technology is ever evolving. Deploying data-driven decision support, investing in data supported projects and undertaking large-scale data technology projects represents a major investment of time and resources. Getting a firm grasp on the lay-of-the-land, and developing a strong understanding of what is feasible and beneficial is essential to success. Sysabee can help ensure that success by providing your organization with data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence consulting.

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I provide expert advice on data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. My feasibility studies and system designs will give you insight for proceeding with machine learning projects.

Artificial Intelligence

I provide designed and implement data pipelines with A.I. analysis components to carry out explanatory and predictive analytic tasks. I also enhance decision support with intelligent dashboards.

Automated Data Systems

I can provide data pipelines and work processes that free your employees to do the work they’re hired for.


Problem Solving

I can help solve the problems your NGO was created to solve, by using systems and data analysis and through statistical and machine learning.


I provide expert advice on how to improve your operations and achieve your NGO goals, by using the very best data science techniques. These techniques include: machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics.


Increase your fundraising results. I can help you understand who your donors are, and what motivates them to support you, by using market analysis techniques.



Optimize your business strategies by making them data-driven and evidence-supported. An intelligent dashboard can provide you with predictive analytics.


Optimize profit and financial returns by discovering patterns within your organization and in the market.


By mining the wealth of data on how your organization operates day-to-day and year-to-year, I will help you increase situational awareness and set actionable goals in your company.


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