About Us

Sysabee was founded in 2012. Sysabee’s Principal, Jennifer Schellinck, brings a cutting-edge skillset in machine learning to Sysabee’s data solutions. 

Jennifer Schellinck founded Sysabee in 2012. Her passion is in bringing cutting-edge data technology to organizations wanting to form the best analysis and decisions. Sysabee applies the very latest machine-learning and systems-modeling to help organizations achieve their greater potential.

Sysabee draws from a pool of experts to customize the perfect team for each project. Sysabee taps into the latest technology to provide clients with the most valuable information they need. We offer our services through consulting, workshops, and small business data solutions.  

Jennifer is also the founding member of the Data Action Lab, a joint venture that provides data skills workshop to civil servants, and is an AI Guide. Jennifer’s machine learning and simulation expertise comes from her background in Cognitive Science, earning a Ph.D. in 2009. As an adjunct professor at Carleton University, she remains active in academic research and keeps up-to-date on the latest research.

Years Consulting
Projects Completed
Workshops Led

Professional Experience

Principal — Sysabee (Data Analysis and System Modeling), Oct 2012 – Present

Adjunct Professor — Institute of Cognitive Science, Carleton University, 2009 – Present

Adjunct Professor — School of Information Studies, University of Ottawa, 2012 – 2016

Director of Modeling and Methodology — Cogniva Information Solutions, 2008 – 2012


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